IEEE Workshop on

Network Science for Advanced Networks (NetSCAN)

October 2009 - St. Petersburg - Russia

Network Science has emerged as a self-contained field of study devoted to the modeling and analysis of complex networks in various and diverse application scenarios. Telecommunications, social, biological and economic networks, among others, exhibit common structures and properties that can be uniformly studied. Network Science offers a common analysis platform that allows drawing connections and mappings between different research areas and transferring knowledge, experience and techniques among them.

The objective of this workshop is to present theoretical advances and practical applications in the field of complex and evolving networks with imminent implications for telecommunications networks. The workshop will be highly interested in efficient methodologies, frameworks and approaches inspired by other network disciplines, such as social and biological networks, for solving efficiently problems appearing in telecommunications networks and vice-versa.

This workshop aspires to provide a forum to share experience, propose new ideas and promote discussion and collaboration in the field of Network Science in general and specifically in the subject of evolving complex networks that are closely related to next generation communications networks.